Gifted Capital executes complex transactions to meet strategic objectives.

About Us

Gifted Capital is a global and leading structuring expert in executing private market transactions for an array of clients to provide tailored financing solutions.

We also assist with all kinds of licenses required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Our Objectives

Gifted Capital help clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and raise capital to meet growth objectives. We achieve this by developing new ideas and seek deeper perspectives regarding individual companies and relevant industry sectors.



Our Services

  • 1

    Corporate advisors such as buy and sell side advisory

  • 2

    Corporate MAS License Application Assistance

  • 3

    Portfolio management

  • 4

    IPO Assistance on SGX and US markets

  • 5

    Market expansion

  • 6

    M&A advisory including search mandates

  • 7

    Valuation Services for use in contentious and non-contentious scenarios

  • 8

    Forensic & Ligitation Services such as expert witness engagements

  • 9

    Other situations requiring creative private capital financing solutions

We work closely with long term partners that can also assist with public market fund raising, sponsor and listing services globally.


To provide stable and constant returns relative to standard indices to provide alpha for our investors.

Why Us?

We align our interests with our clients', and leverage on our years of experience in the financial markets to make informed trades.

Past Deals and engagements

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested to join our team?

The Gifted Capital team is formed by individuals with diverse backgrounds, countries and ethnicities.